GLFEA: Going strong for 80 years and well into the future

2018 marks a special year for Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association (GLFEA). Our roots go back to 1938, when our organization was establishment primarily to further the steel industry, but it has grown is so many important ways. Because a well-trained workforce is crucial to our industry, GLFEA continues to promote craftsmanship, safety, quality, and productivity to help differentiate the products we create from those of our competition.

At the very core of GLFEA is the concept of members joining together to create a unified front in collective bargaining negotiations that are fair to both sides. Promoting the steel industry and superior union labor in Michigan, while building a bridge of cooperation between steel unions and management – this is the strength of GLFEA.

The video below was presented at the 2018 GLFEA Annual Meeting.