Education & Training

The Raising Gang

Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association, working in partnership with Ironworkers Local 25 and Operating Engineers Local 324 developed an enhanced third year apprenticeship-training program called The Raising Gang”. The goal of the Raising Gang project was to simulate the “five people and a rig” approach often used by raising gangs on typical steel frame erection projects. Integral to the expanded training was a large and versatile structural steel training frame that could be erected in a number of ways, and then disassembled for the next “Raising Gang” class.

The frame measures 50 ft. by 75 ft. and can rise to a height of 60 ft. It can be assembled into four different structures — a 30 ft. tall industrial building with a 60 ft. tall high rise, a 30 ft. tall industrial/office building with a crane bay and a 60 ft. high rise, a separate crane bay building, and a separate 60 ft. tall high rise building. There is an erection procedure for each option.

In operation since 2002, the Raising Gang Training Frame is located in Howell at the Operating Engineers Local 324 Journeyman And Apprentice Training Fund (JATF) Training Center. Third year ironworker and operating engineer apprentices receive lessons from experienced journeymen in safe and efficient steel erection techniques.

Skills Development Frame

An indoor, two-story, reusable, steel-frame training structure is available to give apprentices the opportunity to learn different connector technologies and safety methods in a controlled environment. Hands-on training, unlike any other in the country, is now available to the industry and, as methods and technologies change, this platform will carry our apprenticeship program into the next century. The Skills Development Frame is used in the Iron Worker’s Apprenticeship Program located in Wixom, MI. It was donated by the Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association Industry Promotion & Improvement Fund. On-the-job training is what iron worker apprenticeships are all about. This training program focuses on safely mastering the variety of techniques needed throughout the industry.

Training Videos

There are many training videos available to you from GLFEA.