Skills Development Frame

Today, a two-story, reusable, steel-frame, training structure is available to give apprentices the opportunity to learn different connector technologies and safety methods in a controlled environment. Hands-on training, unlike any other in the country, is now available to the industry and, as methods and technologies change, this platform will carry our apprenticeship program into the next century.

The Skills Development Frame is used in the Iron Worker’s Apprenticeship Program. It was donated by the Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association Industry Promotion & Improvement Fund. On-the-job training is what iron worker apprenticeships are all about. The difficulty has been safely mastering the variety of techniques needed throughout the industry. Until now, no one construction site could provide the opportunity. That has been changed by the GLFEA Industry Promotion & Improvement Fund.

Since 1938, GLFEA has been serving the steel erection and fabrication industry and currently represents approximately 50 firms in southeastern Michigan. For more information regarding GLFEA or the Skills Development Frame, please contact GLFEA by email at

Training Videos

There are many training videos available to you from GLFEA.