Why the Prevailing Wage Law is Good for Michigan

Michigan’s Prevailing Wage law helps hard-working, skilled local workers on public construction projects earn a decent wage to support their families. Directly benefiting our local economy by creating jobs, generating economic activity and growing the local tax base, Prevailing Wage laws and policies are good for Michigan. Without these laws, we risk losing local tax dollars to out-of-state contractors, quality workmanship and strong, middle class jobs.

How does Michigan’s Prevailing Wage law maintain a strong, well-trained and quality skilled workforce in our State? Why is this good for Michigan and it’s taxpayers? Is the law restrictive to small and minority companies who want to bid on Public Work projects? If the Prevailing Wage law is repealed, what dire consequences will result?

To find these answers and more, watch this brief video interview of Mike Stobak, Vice President of Barton Malow!

“The Impact of Prevailing Wages” by MichiganPrevails.com, 2015