What Is GLFEA?

GLFEA — Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association.

Since our founding in 1938, GLFEA has been a vocal advocate of the steel construction industry in Michigan. We are a non-profit organization and our headquarters is in Southfield, Michigan.

GLFEA is a dynamic association representing approximately 70 leading firms (large and small) who develop, build, erect, and fabricate steel structures, installs machinery, rigging and erects fences. GLFEA acts as a focal point for the steel construction industry, providing regional leadership on all major strategic issues affecting the industry, focusing primarily on labor, economic, environmental and social sustainability.

GLFEA promotes steel and the steel industry to business owners, developers, architects, engineers, the steel industry, and the media. We work closely with national and regional industry associations, steel research institutes, and also monitor legislation that may impact the steel industry, sharing key developments and invaluable information with our members.


Benefits of joining GLFEA